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mikeshot editedHi, I’m Mike. In 2006, I started writing a regular contributing column for a local newspaper in central Kentucky. I reviewed new album releases and sometimes wrote about music trends in general.

I also worked as a DJ at a local radio station.

Later, I started working full-time in a writing “bullpen” for an online news outlet. Before long, I went freelance.

Over the next few years, many of my articles caught wind from Google and Yahoo in their sails, trended, and were read by millions of people.

I wrote over 2,000 articles for one site alone, not to mention a dozen other sites that paid me to write on a wide range of topics — everything from politics to science/tech to movies.

My article count, 6 months before I quit.

My article count, 6 months before I quit.

I paid my bills by writing, which is the Holy Grail for freelance writers.

Eventually, I got pretty disillusioned at all the celeb news and misleading headlines prevalent in the online news industry.

This all came to a head when the brother of one celebrity (who shall remain nameless) asked me to help write a tell-all book about his famous sister. I had a choice. I could make a pretty penny shoveling that dirt. But I was disgusted at the idea of prying into people’s personal lives, exposing them to the drooling attention of the world.

I tried writing under a pen name for a bit, but it didn’t help. Everyone seemed to just want muck, and I was tired of raking it.

I dropped out; took a break for a while.

I edited books for other people, wrote a few shorter books myself, and dove into learning about online marketing and where the wind was blowing in cyberspace.

But I missed music.

I play a few instruments, as does everyone in our house. I watch music shows on TV. I talk about music, albums, music makers, and music history with my friends. I read voraciously, especially biographies of musicians and band stories.

I had to go back in. I love writing, and I love telling people about bands and albums that they really should listen to. There are waves of age groups that may only ever get to hear bits and pieces of important bands that traditional radio only drip-feeds to them.

I still have this romantic notion about music. It soundtracks my life. I get giddy about the idea of pulling out records or firing up a music streaming app and showing someone cool music. I love to read music biographies while listening to the albums as I read about them. I remember little background details that enrich the listening experience, and I want to share all that.

I wanted to write personal recommendations of records to people. This wasn’t another gig. This was me saying:

Hey, have you heard this? I know it’s an older album. And I know radio stations play these two tracks. But have you heard the rest?

Have you listened to the entire B-side of ‘Abbey Road’?

Do you know about these three David Bowie albums? Where he was and why when he made them?

Did you know that this album was done secretly in a basement for a fraction of the band’s advance money from their record company?

Did you know that this singer and her guitarist have been married for 30 years, and he co-writes everything?

Some people love knowing all about the wine they drink. I dig knowing all about the music I listen to.

Knowing all these little details makes songs come alive for me. And I want to make songs come alive for other people. That’s why I write about music.

If you like digging in to music as much as I do, have fun perusing around in the blog posts on this site. These are small bits of the longer stuff that I self-syndicate to newspapers all over North America.

Let’s put it this way:

Mike likes reading, music, and writing. He likes to write music. He likes reading about music. He likes to write about music. He plays music. Mike does not read music. But you can read Mike’s writing about music.

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