About Mike

mikeshot editedHi, I’m Mike. Husband, father, writer, musician, tech geek.

For years, my interests and work have revolved around a small handful of things: writing, music/audio, theatre, and tech. For me, these have all had fortuitous overlaps.

In the 1990s, I played tons of music gigs and learned quite a bit about recording and audio in my own basement studio. I play several instruments.

In 1997, the theatre bug bit me, and I went back to school to study theatre in 2000. My audio work served me well in theatre.

Between 2001 and 2005, I worked full-time doing theatre. I was the Producer at one regional theater, was part-time Promotional Director for another, racked up dozens of credits for everything from acting to sound design to directing.

In 2006, I started writing a regular contributing column for a local newspaper in central Kentucky. I reviewed new album releases and sometimes wrote about music trends in general. My theatre contacts, writing, and music all came together when I started producing a string of commercial podcasts for area businesses, including an independent music podcast. The quality of these led to my being offered an on-air position at an area radio station.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, I got married and started a family.

My career mixing live sound, doing sound design for theatre, and songwriting is my number one passion. I have written dozens of songs over the years. And that “married” bit of life I mentioned? My wife is an accomplished singer and piano player, working in theatre and recording alongside me. My kids make music videos. Music is what we do.