Hire Mike

satisfiedClean copy. Great SEO. Edit-Free. Done.

I write business blog posts, corporate journalism, and web content. My portfolio of writing samples can be found on this page, but here is an idea of the range of professional material I have done:


  • A business blog post about fire sprinkler system design
  • A magazine article about the origin of the Slender Man urban myth
  • A business newsletter feature about social media access in hiring
  • A tech feature about quantum encryption technology
  • A regular regional newspaper music column
  • A business magazine article series on theatre sponsorships
  • A feature article series on green school buildings and sustainable farming
  • A business newsletter feature about common errors in press releases
  • A feature business article on the effects of adult ADHD on careers
  • A business blog post about indoor air quality testing

What I Do

Clean, Accurate Copy – Always original. Always properly sourced. You will not have to worry about proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Just copy and paste me.

Your Voice – The first thing I do is read what you already have on your site. I familiarize myself with your niche and audience so I can write with authority on your field and speak to your audience. If your existing material is technical, I follow that. If your identity is looser and more humorous, I can do that, too.

SEO Best Practices – I do not do keyword stuffing. I do use your niche keywords to help you rank in search engine results. I watch keyword prominence and density, as well as titles.

My Rates

15¢ per word for blog posts, 600-word minimum, with weekly frequency or better.

20¢ per word for single blog posts, 600-word minimum, with no expectation of frequency.

For regular volume of material, please contact me for a custom rate quote.

Payment is via Paypal, with other arrangements considered for content companies needing volume (direct deposit, etc.)

Email me any details about what you need and I’ll be happy to talk with you about how I can help. mike@miketuttle.com